12th January 2013. Churchill Island, Phillip Island. Book now with Moshtix!

Trevor is a family man

That’s why the whole family is welcome on the day. Bring your kids, bring your nan. Bring your crazy auntie.
And guess what? Kids 15 and under are FREE!*
And guess what else? We’ll feed and water ‘em too**.

Kids receive a show-bag on entry with a MASSIVE armful of vouchers, gifts and miscellaneous stuff to keep them going all day.

There will be a huge array of things for the kids to do. Our great mates from Tipi Kata are coming along with a HUGE tepee full of great kids activities. Not to mention your ticket to Trevor gets you access to the heritage farm. And there will probably be a jumping castle. The list goes on and on and on.

The moral of the story is that kids are part of the big picture for Trevor.

*Nans and aunties still full price
** Does not apply to nans and aunties

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Trevor throughout history
Trevor is the name of Neville Longbottom's toad in Harry Potter

Trevor is the name of Neville Longbottom's toad in Harry Potter

Trevor's favourite colour is greeeen

Trevor loves to be environmentally friendly, which is evident in all that we do. Suppliers have been chosen for their environmental sustainability where possible, all facilities have an environmental slant, recyclable materials have been used wherever possible and e-marketing has been maximised.

All we ask now is that you do your bit:

Don’t litter.

Littering is about as cool as your great aunties mo. Utilize the recycling facilities around the site. If you see some rubbish that isn’t yours, pick it up. You never know, Trevor may be watching, he loves good community-minded behaviour and at Trevor it's not only celebrated, it’s rewarded with a thumbs up.

Car pool or use the shuttle bus service to and from Trevor where possible.

This decreases emissions, reduces the environmental impact on Churchill Island and helps keep the road safe too. If car pooling, stop in and check your tyre pressure – one of the key factors in maximising fuel economy. Who’d have thought?!

Turn the lights and a/c off at home before you head to Trevor.

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Trevor likes recycling!

Trevor's gripes

incl. what NOT to bring on the day!

Despite Trevor’s easy-going non-chalance, there’s some stuff that just doesn’t cut it for Trevor. Here’s the list, including what not to bring on the day:


See the No Peanut policy. Trevor is allergic to peanuts. Peanuts are the violent, quarrelsome or non-sportsmanlike persons who's behaviour or any other ugly traits will not be tolerated. Basically, they will be sent packing.


Glass can break and end up in an unsuspecting draught horse’s hoof. And that’s not a clever analogy – the site we will be using is usually a grazing paddock for some of the last working horses in the state, so PLEASE adhere to the no glass policy.

No alcohol is permitted due to licensing laws.

Trevor hates running foul of the law, so no BYO. In an attempt to enforce this, NO BYO DRINKS WILL BE ALLOWED. There will be drinking water available, and heaps of beverage outlets. The NO BYO DRINKS policy does not apply if you are under 1.2m tall or over 70, or the carer of the 2 aforementioned groups – you guys we can trust.

Trevor hates lining up.

So instead of lining up for tickets, then lining up for a drink, then lining up for the toilet, then lining up for something to eat, Trevor has tried to streamline everything. No tickets for drinks, plenty of bar staff, more toilets than we think we’ll need and extra food stalls. There may be a line at some stage somewhere on the island, but rest assured, Trevor will do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t last.


Drugs are bad.

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Bring sunscreen, sturdy footwear, your camera, earplugs maybe, your camera, sunglasses, a hat (preferably with a propeller sticking out the top – Trevor loves those hats), your ticket and perhaps a rug or blanket to sit on.

Trevor's facilities


There will be ATMs on site, but we cannot guarantee how long they will remain in operation, so please bring cash, just to be safe - and to avoid lining up.

First Aid

There will be a first aid tent and Trevor’s appropriately accredited friends will be roaming the site as well. See your site map for location details.

Miscellaneous things

The bar will have a small supply of that stuff you always forget, like sunscreen and earplugs. And maybe even batteries and rolls of camera film - Trevor’s pretty old school...

Info centre / help desk

Our handy helpers will be lining up to answer any questions you have. Check out your site map.

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Trevor hates lining up.

Trev's Besties Marquee

After much time pondering, Trevor has decided a VIP area is not really his thing. VIP areas tend to be more about being seen than really knuckling down and having a good old time.

Think about that scene in Titanic, where Rose is upstairs with the VIPs, then Leo drags her down below-deck to that party with all the Irish music, where all the real fun is being had. That’s where Trevor would want to be. More below deck than upper deck, Trevor.

So as far as Trev’s Besties Marquee goes, the door are now officially open to all. Woot Woot!

Canapes and ‘first drink free’ have now gone the way of the Titanic, but TBM will still house a cute little array of beverages, a chill out area, some seating and perhaps even a lamp. Oh, and the VERY cool people from Bacardi will be there to mix you a long, cool refreshing cocktail. After all, Trevor loves Mojitos. Trevor is full of surprises.

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thumbs-up from Trevor

Over the course of the day, Trevor will be rewarding any behaviour that encapsulates what the day is about. So pick up that piece of rubbish, grab a friend a drink, let someone go before you in the line to the toilet, or just make a daisy chain. Your Trevorness may just be rewarded with a thumbs up from the big man himself.

After all, there’s a little Trevor in all of us.

Trevor throughout history
Trevor Hockey played for Sheffield United

Trevor Hockey was a well-known heavily bearded soccer player from the 70's.

He played for Sheffield United.

Trev's "no peanuts policy"

We want you to be able to relax and have a great time while you’re at Trevor.

To help this along, there is a strictly enforced ‘No Peanut’ policy. We’ve seen it work at awesome gigs like Meredith, and we like it.

It’ll be hard for us to pick the peanut/s in the group when you arrive at the gate, so instead we ask that you simply don’t invite them. Tell them you’re not going; that you decided to go to your aunties 65th instead. Tell them you hate islands. Tell them about the randy cows. Just don’t bring them with you.

If they do slip through the net and we sniff them out due to any violent, quarrelsome or non-sportsmanlike behaviour or any other ugly traits, they will be sent packing.

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No Peanuts Policy

Trevor is not too fussed about talking the talk. After all, Trevor’s walked it. Trevor never shoots off at the mouth.

12th January 2013. Churchill Island, Phillip Island. Book now with Moshtix!